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BVS – Saxon Association of Publicly Certified Experts


The Saxon Association represents the professional concerns of the publicly certified experts in Saxony. It sees itself as the connecting link between the appointing and supervising public corporations and the experts. Its goals are to keep its members up to date by means of advanced training, information and exchange of experience (especially in working groups).

The advanced training courses of the working group “appraisal” are organized by Mrs. Borowski.

Appraiser specializing in mortgage lending value, certified by the HypZert GmbH


HypZert certifications are accredited by several national and international accreditation bodies. Many financial institutions employ predominantly valuers who hold a HypZert certificate-a certificate based on ISO/IEC 17024 as well as some special knowledge and experience in the mortgage lending value.

Committee of Surveyors of the city of Dresden


The Committee of Surveyors is an independent, non-partisan board of surveyors. The members are appointed by the Regional Council and they are bound to neutrality and objectivity. Due to the analysis of all property purchase agreements that are concluded throughout the whole city of Dresden, the Committee of Surveyors can reflect the actual price level on the real estate market and provide expert information.

Institute for Property Value


The IfL is a federation of surveyors who focus on the appraisal of real estate and premises.

Expertise in the area of Construction (Sachverstand am Bau)


BAU-SV.NET is a nationwide network of publicly certified and qualified surveyors. It is made up of architects and engineers who constantly improve and broaden their knowledge and their practical experience. Because of our analysis of the technical developments, our knowledge of changes in the body of laws, our continuing education as well as our reciprocal support, we are the impartial partner when expertise is needed in the field of construction.


Michael Silberhorn, surveyor, graduate construction engineer
Freystadt, Nürnberg


Gerd Hagen, graduate industrial engineer Stuttgart


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architekt Wolfgang Wulfes - München


Dipl. Ing. (FH) Petra Hammesfahr, Waldenburg


Dipl.- Ing.(FH) Jörg Neumann, Brackenheim


Dipl.-Bauingenieur Carsten Iwan



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