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Market value appraisals

    • Pieces of real property
    • Residential buildings
      • Condominiums and other types of  part-ownership
      • Single family houses
      • Apartment buildings
    • Income producing real estate
      • Residential and commercial buildings
      • Commercial buildings (mixed use: retail and offices)
      • Office buildings
    • Real estate of special use (industrial real estate, retail property, hotel realty, etc.)
    • Farmland
    • Other privileged exterior real estate

Furthermore, we draw up rent value appraisals for courts and private clients

  • Often disagreements arise over unreasonable rental fees. Before legal steps are undertaken, an appraiser can help. An appraisal of rental value, which is commissioned by both parties, can help to prevent conflicts.

Structural damage appraisals

    • Valuation of defects and damages of structural components
    • Identification of the causes of humidity penetration
    • Causes of mildew infestation
    • Assessment of cracks and identification of causes (prevention of cracks)
    • Valuation of flaws in construction and appearance
    • Determination of the tolerability of technical flaws
    • Assessment of the quality of the construction work (inspection)
    • Verification of the absence of damages before the expiry of the warranty period
    • Monitoring of admissible tolerances
    • Damage removal (including calculation of the expected costs of the removal) and damage avoidance
    • Compliance with all bodies of rules and regulations (DIN standards) and with the generally accepted rules of constructional engineering

Building analysis

The Full Building Analysis includes the inspection and valuation of buildings. It is increasingly being deployed by banks, insurances and project developers as a factor in decisions when selling or purchasing premises.
On the basis of checklists we examine the essential, value determining criteria such as

  • Location analysis
  • Real property analysis
  • Public construction laws
  • Construction regulations
  • Building analysis including all technical equipment
  • Surface analysis
  • Security analysis and analysis of harmful substance

Apart from mere documentation and analysis of the actual situation, we deal with weak points and risks as well as potential; we identify options for action and develop adequate solutions, which we can even help to implement, if required. As these services have so far been utilized chiefly by foreign investors, we can also offer the reports in English (see also Assessment).

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