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The term „expert“ or “appraiser” is not protected by law in Germany. As a result, anyone can call himself an expert and operate on the market under this heading even if he is not adequately qualified for the job.
The German legislature provides for public certification as a way of distinguishing between the real experts and the rest.
Public certificationatteststhat an expert isexceptionallyqualified in a particularfield.
Publicly certified experts are also sworn to act independently and impartially. This means that the ir expert opinions can be relied upon.
Courts are legally obliged to favour publicly certified experts over other surveyors if a certain question falls into the field of expertise of a surveyor.


Appraiser specializing in land, commercial and residential survey and valuation, publicly certified by the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Only experts withoutstanding qualifications are publicly certified. In order to obtain public certification they are required to under go an extensive examination procedure. Even after this their work is constantly subject to supervision by the state-appointed award bodies which keep a constantly updated list of publicly certified experts. The competence to grant public certification lies primarily in the hands of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (and, to a lesser extent, also in the hands of the Chambers of Trade and the Architectural Associations).
This also means that experts who have already received public certification can lose this status if they no longer meet current standards. The trustworthiness and personal integrity of publicly certified experts also comes under scrutiny. Only then may they bear the much coveted seal of quality.

HypZert Real Estate Valuerfor Financial Purposes HypZert (F)

HypZert GmbH is an entity established by the top associations in the German financialindustry. Since 1996, HypZert has been certifying realestate valuerspursuant to the sophisticated and internationally acknowledged criteria of ISO/IEC 17024. With these standards was ensured a maximum of comparability and transparency on the realestate markets.

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